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Our mission is to help you stay safe online as you use things like email, eCommerce, online banking, and social media.

With hacking and cybercrime increasing, it's important to know how to protect yourself, and that's where we come in!

We show you how to protect your online privacy and reduce the chance that you will become a hacking victim.

No Technobabble!

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But don't worry — although our cybersecurity expertise is solid, we don't overwhelm you with a lot of technical jargon or other gibberish.

Instead, we explain the risks and the preventative measures in plain English. And if you still have questions, you can always contact us.  

Learn and Stay Safe

Although this website is still being completed, we want you to know the types of things we plan to provide:

  We'll have helpful articles on topics related to online safety and privacy, computer and WiFi security, identity theft protection, mobile phone security, and many other topics.

  We'll provide newsletters to keep you informed about the security issues people worry about.

  We'll offer an alert service to notify you about urgent cybersecurity threats and how to protect yourself.

  And we'll have lots of resources you can use — things like web browser security and tracking-prevention addons, security testing tools for your home network and devices, checklists to make sure your online activity is done safely, and many more.

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Talk to Us

In addition to the helpful information we provide, we want to hear from you   about the questions and concerns you have.

If you're wondering about something, there are probably many other people wondering the same thing. We encourage questions so we know what future articles to create.

So, welcome, and we hope you find this website useful!