Online Account Security

“Just the list for people in a hurry…”

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It's a just the list of things to know about homograph attacks.

  Homograph attacks occur when hackers use non-English letters to create web addresses that look like common sites

          For example, letters in the Russian alphabet can be used to make “” but the “a” isn't really an “a”

  Web browsers can't always detect this and people can be tricked into going to rogue sites

  Web browsers can still show a “padlock” or “https” on a homograph site, so these things are not an indicator of safety

  To avoid such attacks…

          Never click links in email or social media posts; manually enter the web address instead

          Always keep your web browser updated with the latest security patches and features

          Always use two-factor / multi-factor authentication if available

Please read the article for details. If you're confused by anything let us know so we can help.